Internet Security

Whether you’re shopping online or making transactions, you’ll have peace of mind online with these services:

  1. One Time Passcode (OTP): Gives you extra security when you make or amend payments by sending you a unique, one-off passcode to your mobile.
  2. Verified By Visa: Helps to protect your card when you shop online with participating sites.
  3. Trusteer Rapport: Free security software to help guard against internet banking identify theft and fraud.

One Time Passcode (OTP)

This system sends a unique, one-off passcode to your mobile phone so you can verify that a payment to a new or amended payee is genuine.

Simple and easy

To use OTP all you need to do is register your mobile phone number with us. The great thing about it is you won't have to remember any passwords or carry a card reader. Please make sure we have your current mobile number. If you need to update your number, please call us on .

Bear in mind

Always make sure the details in the OTP message match your original request. If you ever receive an OTP message you weren’t expecting, let us know immediately as it may be a sign of attempted fraud on your account.

If you choose not to register for OTP, you can still create or amend payees through our telephone banking service on .

Verified by Visa

When shopping online it’s important to feel confident using your Debit Card. 

GRCB Finance Secure, in partnership with Verified by Visa, helps protect your Debit Card against unauthorised use when you shop online. The service is simple and free to use and covers you when using your GRCB Finance Debit Card at over 300,000 participating online retailers.

For your security, you may from time to time be prompted to provide some additional information when making a purchase.